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Master in Industrial Design for Architecture

POLI.design, Società consortile a responsabilità limitata

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Master in Industrial Design for Architecture


Future designers, architects and engineers will face the great challenges of the ever-changing design and building sector at local and global level, in terms of competition, development and modernization.

They shall be able to develop new ideas in the field of real estate, by designing solutions that embed advanced building components and display innovative layout designs. In particular, the field of interest is that of temporary buildings and events, reconversion of buildings and building components design.

In this perspective, the Master in Industrial Design for Architecture aims to:

  • Combine multidisciplinary competences to create advanced curricula;

  • Involve companies and professionals to make the educational experience as practical as possible;

  • Refer to Italian cultural and economic assets to enrich design competences;

  • Teach how to develop highly innovative concepts based on design briefs given by real companies;

  • Offer a multicultural environment to enhance the understanding of global issues.


The program includes three formative areas dealing with different aspects of Industrial Design:
• Design Culture: history and evolution of design, with special reference to aesthetic developments and to the ever closer relationship that has been developing over the years between product and build up space.
• Design Technology: study of the different technology, materials and tools needed in conceiving and realizing products that combine in a built up environment.
• Design Strategy: study of new construction processes, design innovation management and the introduction of design in the corporate strategies of companies in the sector.  
A fourth area will be added to these: Design Studio, which will include practical work in design on various design themes such as:
• designing finished built-in products, in other words as integratable building components;
• designing electronic consumer products and space saving products that are highly intergratable with building manufacturing;
• designing serial construction products, e.g. for temporary structures and modular building solutions;


The Master course aims at answering to the ever-changing job market, that demands professionals able to work within contexts where multidisciplinary skills are useful and appreciated. The Master ID4A trains designers able to operate on different canvas and to tackle the challenges of the integrated design into diverse national and international realities of the building sector.


The ID4A Master program is intended for graduates in Industrial Design, Engineering and Architecture who wish to extend their education and gain skills in a specialized project area.


The ID4A program is intended for graduates in Industrial Design, Architecture and Engineering, or for those who hold an equivalent diploma from outside Italy. An good knowledge of English is a fundamental requirement.

Prova di ammissione

Admission will be subject to the verification of qualifications and a selection procedure based on the assessment of:curriculum vitae, portfolio,letter of motivation,reference letter and written test



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March 2018 - March 2019


POLI.design, Via Durando 38/a


The ID4A Master educational aim is to train professionals skilful at developing high quality projects in the field that ranges over the architectural layout and the efficiency of the building components. The Master has also the objective of completing the training of designers, extending their expertise and problem solving skills with the culture and tools typical of Industrial Design. This aim is sought through an educational course that integrates theoretical knowledge with design studios,vocational activities such as visits to companies and practices and meeting with professionals, and the mandatory internship in architecture and design practices or companies of the building sector.


Politecnico di Milano, University Master Diploma in ?Industrial Design for Architecture?.
The Master grants 60 CFU, equivalent to 60 ECTS.
Following graduation, after notifying as stipulated by the Order of Territorial belonging and the subsequent feedback from the same, the participant will get a number of CFP equal to those established by Regulations, listed below as information purposes:
30 CFP per year (CNI)
15 CFP per year (CNAPPC)



11.000 €
Some partial exemptions are available, please check on POLI.design website

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Master in Industrial Design for Architecture