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The Specializing Master is a laboratory, structured as a creative department where, in addition to a deep practical activity, are connected research and design through experimentation which is a fundamental requirement given the extraordinary competition of new media, languages and dynamics.

The young designers will work as in a communication agency, in a couple or in groups, under the supervision of Creative Directors of the most important Italian and international communication agencies, dealing with multiple briefs with various complexities.

Course Plan

This Specializing Master brings together research modules on innovation in the field, on new technology, and on Italian and overseas state-of-the-art creativity and project work.  These modules put in place the same dynamics that pertain in real-world work but open to out-of-the-ordinary experimentation.

The idea of the Specializing Master comes from the profound change of the Brand system, a change that has put into crisis the traditional communication systems.

The Specializing Master is aimed at those who wish to do creative work with contemporary professional skills according to the profound transformations that communication professions are facing in the transition from Advertising to the new Brand Communication System.

To prepare young designers to deal with this new scenario, creative communication projects for traditional and new media will be proposed, under the direction of Creative Directors of the most important Italian and international communication agencies.

The Laboratoriominiera Master is aimed at those who wish to do creative work in the world of brand communication, with contemporary professional skills in tune with the profound changes that the communication professions are facing in the transition from Advertising to the new Brand Communication System. The idea of the Master stems from understanding the great change that has affected the system of goods and their communication, a change that threatened traditional communication systems, expanding and intensifying the possibilities: everything is brand, everything is communication, everything is media. To provide young people with the preparation needed to tackle this new scenario, the Master will explore creative communication projects for both traditional media and new types of media, under the supervision of Creative Directors from major Italian and international communications agencies.

Job description and final assessment

During the Specializing Master, students will acquire the necessary skills to start a career as Art Director or Copywriter in communication agencies as Digital Art Director, Digital Copywriter, Content Creator, with the ability to interact with all the processes and professional figures within the workflows. During the lessons will be presented an overview of other professions that, in synergy with the creative department, contribute to the implementation of Brand Communication Projects such as Strategic Planner, Project Manager, Social Media Strategist, Community Manager The Tv Producer.

Admission procedure

To take part to the selection process, the application form must be completed online within the following deadlines:

for Italian / foreign citizens with a qualification obtained in Italy within August 2019

for Extra U.E. citizens within July 2019

Tuition and fees


The cost of the Specializing Master is 13.000 € (12.500 € participation fee + 500 € registration fee at Politecnico di Milano).

For graduate students at the Politecnico di Milano, the enrollment fee is 10.000 € divided into:

Entrance fee to the Politecnico di Milano 500 € per pupil and participation fee to the Master, equal to 9.500 € per student.

The cost of enrollment in the Specializing Master entitle to deduct tax of 19% as falling under "university specialization courses".




Admission requirement

The Art Direction & Copywriting "Laboratoriominiera" Specializing Master is aimed at those who intend to join the job market, bringing with them a passion, for creative work in brand communication.

They will also bring theoretical know-how and professional skills that encompass the far-reaching changes underway in the communication trades as advertising yields to integrated next-generation public relations.  The Specializing Master is designed for students who already hold a first- or second-level university degree.



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September 30th, 2019


A Milano


13.000 €

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Master in Art Direction & Copywriting

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Master in Art Direction & Copywriting