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The Master in Big Data Management program prepares students to work effectively with complex, real-world data and to create value from it.

Big Data Management focuses on improving the understanding of customer patterns to increase business and improve profitability.  Working in big data management requires a hybrid set of competencies: computer expertise with a good knowledge of advanced statistical techniques, a thorough understanding of the business world and excellent communication skills. Finding this set of competencies in a single person is rare. They need to be developed with the right mix of classroom and field learning.

The Master in Big Data Management curriculum is designed to prepare students to create analytical models and interpret them from a business-oriented perspective. It prepares young professionals to pursue a career as a data scientist or business analyst for companies including large industrials, consulting firms and marketing specialists.


The program is divided in four terms

- Economics of Strategy
- Introduction to Big Data Management
- Data Management for Big Data Introduction
- Introduction to Big Data Programming
- Introduction to Statistics for Data Scientist

TERM 2- 3 
- Accounting
- Strategy 
- Access tools and informational discovery
- Econometrics
- Financial Management
- Business Law
- Organization and HRM 
- Machine Learning
- Advanced Programming for Big Data
- Economics Forecasting 
- Advanced Visualizations
- Marketing Analytics

The Field Project represents the moment in which the students put into practice the knowledge gained through the program. 


The Master is targeted for students with a BA or MS in Economics, Statistics, Engineering or other scientific disciplines. Fluent English and strong motivation are required.



Orario / turno

Dal lunedì al giovedì 9.30 - 17.30
Venerdì 9.30 - 13.30


Il Master ha una durata di dodici mesi ed è full-time


Villa Blanc, Via Nomentana 216 - Roma


The Master provides students with 60 ECTS credits. It teaches them how to harness large amounts of data, design analytical models and interpret them to optimize business processes.

Among the competences provided:

  • Skills to collect, process and extract value from large and diverse data sets

  • Capacity to work with different computing tools in order to address complex problems

  • Imagination to understand, visualize and communicate findings to non-data scientists

  • Ability to create data-driven solutions that boost profits, reduce costs and improve efficiency


Diploma di Master


Companies enrolling students benefit from a reduction in tuition fees:

10% Reduction for single enrollment

20% Reduction for two or more enrollments

Reductions may not be combined. Should two or more conditions overlap, the highest reduction will be applied.

Candidates may independently:

– Seek funding from their current or future employer.

– Apply for regional scholarships.

– Apply for loans with favourable interest rates granted by certain Italian Credit Institutions within the framework of the agreements established with LUISS Guido Carli.

Scholarships: LUISS Business School offers deemed deserving candidates up to 3 partial scholarships of the tuition fees (up to 50% of the total amount). A Joint Committee will assign the scholarships based on students curricula and admission test performance.


14.000 €

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Master in Big Data Management

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Master in Big Data Management