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The Master in International Management (MIM) is a unique program aimed at young graduates motivated to become global managers. It combines theory with practice, bridges academia and industry and integrates hard and soft skills. The MIM Program blends traditional courses with Learning Labs to promote critical thinking and push students to think systematically about culturally- and intellectually-demanding tasks.

This program exposes students to top academics and seasoned executives to develop the business skills required to operate in international contexts. The MIM Program will build on your passion for excellence and take you out of your comfort zone. You will learn management concepts and frameworks and apply them to real world situations. Ideal candidates are dynamic and open-minded, enthusiastic about international challenges and willing to work with a multi-cultural and diverse cohort.


The program lasts 12 months and is divided in 4 Terms.
After the Induction Week, the Term 1 builds strong business and economics fundamentals, covering the cornerstones of strategic management and providing an overview of cutting-edge tools and techniques. During the Term 2 and 3, students experience a more analytical and strategic approach, gaining the required skills to operate in multiple business functions and lead internationalization processes. The Term 4 is dedicated to the Field Project during which students put their knowledge into practice.

The Induction Week enables students to get to know their classmates and the team at LUISS Business School. It includes several workshops focused on:
• Megatrends and global scenarios
• Main learning methodologies
• Business case cracking
• Employability Trends
• Modern digital instruments exploitation

• Accounting
• Economics of Strategy
• Financial Management
• International Business Law

• Global Organizational Design
• International HR Management
• International Innovation and Entrepreneurship
• International Relations • Megatrends and Business Transformation
• Multinational Strategy and Performance

• Comparative and Intercultural Management
• International Business Development
• International Marketing • Made in Italy – Food
• Made in Italy – Fashion • Made in Italy – Leadership
• Managing Global SMEs

Students complete the program with a field project that consists of individual assignments accomplished under the supervision of a company mentor and an academic tutor, oriented at solving a real company problem identified by LUISS Corporate Partners.

Learning Labs focus on personal development. Students develop cross-functional and soft skills by attending sessions during which they will:
• Cultivate intellectual flexibility
• Develop problem solving skills
• Learn to adapt in diverse situations
• Refine cross-cultural awareness


The Master in International Management welcomes recent graduates from a variety of study disciplines and cultural backgrounds. This ranges from those with no business experience looking for a degree program that act as bridge to the real world as well as candidates with up to two years of business background who seek in-depth knowledge of how theory applies to the real world.

Orario / turno

dal lunedì al giovedì dalle 9.30 -17.30
venerdì 9.30 - 13.30


12 mesi, full-time


Villa Blanc, Via Nomentana 216 - Roma


The Master in International Management (MIM) is a one-year, practice-oriented program that aims to prepare talented graduates to kick-start their international careers.

The MIM Program merges academic rigor with practical relevance to offer students a unique learning experience. Through interactive lectures, live case discussions, field projects and group work, the MIM equips students with frameworks, tools and techniques to build the skill set required for international management challenges. 

Prospettive di lavoro

The MIM Program enables graduates to undertake career paths in a wide range of organizations such as:
? Consulting firms
? Industrial multinational firms
? Institutions for foreign trade
? National and international public administration and policy organizations
? Small- and medium-sized firms that pursue internationalization strategies
? Universities or other organizations contributing to international research projects


The tuition fee for the Master in International Management is EUR 14,000.

Payment is made in three installments on the following dates:

• EUR 7,000 Upon confirmation of admission

• EUR 4,200

• EUR 2,800


All candidates can independently:

• Obtain a loan at favorable rates granted by selected credit institutions in the framework of the agreements made with LUISS Guido Carli.

• Seek funding from their current or future employer

• Apply for regional scholarships


14.000 €

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Master in International Management

Master in International Management