Master di secondo livello in International Management (in lingua inglese)


The Master in International Management is specifically designed for high-achieving students who intend to move further along their career path, with a focus on developing their global career in strategic decision making thanks to in-depth knowledge of busi-ness theory and management practice. Studying key disciplines such as finance, management, economics, marketing, operations and strategy, students improve the knowledge and skills critical to business worldwide. Our Master program, specifically designed to meet the needs of modern international business, provides a combination of academic excellence and highly marketable skills in strategic management.

Quali sono gli obiettivi del corso?

At the end of the program, students will be able to:

• understand theories and concepts necessary to manage organizational performance and resource allocation;
• manage complex situations in businesses and other organizations based on knowledge of both the external and internal organizatio - nal context;
• develop long-term organizational vision and goals;
• develop strategies to meet organizational go - als, based on effective allocation of financial resources;
• collect critically and use valuable information across different environments and settings;
• Communicate effectively with various sta - keholders

In cosa si differenzia questo corso dagli altri?

Students will be capable of operating in multinational companies and international organizations, both public and private. They will have developed the necessary skills and competences for effective inter - vention, and a practical expertise in relation to international context and in the following careers:
• Administrative services
• Business ownership
• Finance
• Human resources and employee benefits
• Labor relations
• Management consulting
• Marketing
• Product development
• Risk and insurance analysis
• Sales
• Training and development
• Law office

The final thesis of the Master's program, intended to assess the technical, scientific and professional preparation and competences of the student, requires the completion, discussion and presentation of a written project work during the dissertation.


Module SSD Courses ECTSCore Courses I SECS-P/07 Accounting and Auditing
II SECS-P/07 Managerial Accounting
III SECS-P/09 Corporate Finance
IV SECS-P/01 International Business
V SECS-P/08 Organizational Management
VI SECS-P/08 Business Communication
Choose one of the following concentrations:A - Finance ConcentrationVII SECS-P/07 Financial Accounting
VIII SECS-P/11 Risk Management
B - Management ConcentrationVII SECS-P/08 Strategic Management
VIII SECS-P/08 Production and Logistics Management
C - Law ConcentrationVII IUS/04 International Business Law
VIII IUS/12 International Tax Planning for Business
IX Project Work and Final Thesis 12


Informazioni importanti

Per frequentare il corso devi avere uno dei seguenti titoli di studio: Laurea magistrale, Master di secondo livello, Dottorato.
Master di secondo livello in International Management (in lingua inglese)
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