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International MBA
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Enhance your adaptability, leadership, data-driven approach, and creativity with the International MBA for Disruptive International Leaders. It is a Program accredited by ASFOR, focused on understanding all areas involved in the management of organisations, with a complete overview of the company, the way it functions and how to expand it globally.

International MBA's Overview

The International MBA is a managerial training program which trains professionals with at least 2 years of working experience to reach positions of responsibility in a company, advance their career or to create their own businesses. 

The MBA students will build competences in business and financial reasoning, opportunity response, global leadership, tech and digital reasoning to manage business on a global scale. After completing the MBA Core, students will customize their MBA by choosing a specific MBA Specialization. An intensive and demanding program, integrated with Business Practice experience, when students put theory into practice

Learning Outcomes:

Understand the functions of business administration of the different departments of a company: marketing, finance, accounting, human capital, and operations.
Acquire and practice leadership and negotiation skills, such as teamwork, motivation, communication, business ethics, and social responsibility?
Draft effective Business Plans, both within traditional and innovative business environments?
Distinguish the latest global trends related to the innovation and technology sector 


The International MBA aims to train professionals equipped with the managerial skills needed to become disruptive international leaders. These leaders will be capable of driving change, transforming businesses and people, and maintaining a constant growth mindset. Through the program, students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to reach positions of responsibility within established companies, build a successful career, or start their entrepreneurial ventures. The International MBA aims to prepare participants to be at the forefront of the business world, ready to seize global opportunities and tackle the challenges of the ever-evolving market.

Mind-Opening & Knowledge Management Setting
During the first module of the MBA, students will acquire core management skills to enhance your professional career.

Students in this module will have the opportunity to understand Business Inside Out, The Core of Business, Management, and Leadership Excellence:

Global Economy and Business Trends ?
Strategy for Business Leadership ?
Project & Operations Management ?
Global Marketing Management ?
Digital Marketing & Metrics ?
Accounting & Budgeting ?

Focusing and specializing
During the second module of the International MBA, students will learn how to:

1) Entrepreneurial Business Plan?:

Entrepreneurship, Ethics & Business Planning?
Private Equity and Venture Capital ?

2) People and Talent Management: ?

Organizational Behaviour & Change Management ?
Digital HR Strategy?

3) Financial Management:

Financial Management for Decision Making ?
Corporate and Investment Banking ?

4) Operations & Performance Management: ?

Sustainable Value-chain?
Business & ESG Dashboard ?

5) Managerial Data Science & Business Analytics: ?

Data Science for Business Growth ?
Big Data and Business Analytics

Drive change and innovation for Global Business Immersion 
During the third module of the MBA, students will learn how to:

6) Global Business Immersion and Leadership:

Leadership for Sustainability & Ethics?
International Business and Cross-Cultural Management ?

7) The Future of Business and Disruptive Innovation: ?

New Technologies, Virtual Reality, and the Future of Business ?
Design Thinking & Disruptive Innovation?
Digital Transformation

Why Specialization?
Customize your MBA by choosing 1 out of 3 specializations, designed to advance certain skills which are relevant in your chosen business area. MBA Specialization in: ?

Big Data and Automation?:-Effective communication of Impact Data?
-Business Process Reengineering and Automation
-Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation ?
-Automation & Hyperautomation Technologies
-Data Management Regulations
Marketing?:-Marketing of ‘'Made in Italy'' – Excellence in 6 A's ?
-Business Marketing and Sales (B2B)?
-Retailing & E-commerce Revolution: Strategy,
-Growth, Analytics
-Regenerative ‘'Purpose Driven'' Marketing
-Marketing and Innovation
-Big Data for Marketing Intelligence
-Financial Derivatives
-Excel Modeling of Financial Transactions ?
-Debt Instruments
-Sales & Trading
-Portfolio theory ?
-Value Investing
-Investment research and data analysis ?
-International Finance
-Finance Innovation

Practice Lab | In partnership with Coca-Cola HBC Italia
The Practice Lab at Rome Business School is where theoretical concepts are put into practice and participants learn through experience.

The Lab is led by Coca-Cola HBC Italia managers who will examine various specialist knowledge, work on exercises, and network with students while sharing their experience and expertise.

This Lab is entirely managed by Coca-Cola HBC Italia managers, with whom you will collaborate to develop a product launch strategy and run a virtual company as CEO. The Business Simulation is an innovative and engaging managerials tool that allow to reproduce the dynamics and logic of a business.

Business in Action - Hands-on Lab
The Global Trends lab consists of 2 virtual sessions:

Session 1: How to Find Sources to identify global trends. Deep dive into the global world trends shaping the world of today – guest speakers from UN, UNIDO, ILO. Examples of Global Trends: ?

The Future of Work
AI, Blockchain, and Technology
The World in 2030 – Future Scenarios (UN, IMF, ECB)
Session 2: Understand the impact of global trends on businesses, and explore ways in which businesses can adapt and transform based on future trends and forward-thinking strategies.

An educational experience
At the conclusion of your educational experience, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities by tackling a real-world business challenge. Utilize your abilities to identify opportunities and develop a truly innovative strategy.

Take on a genuine company challenge. You can join a small team to create a marketing plan for a new business, develop a strategy to increase online sales, or develop a loyalty offering for different generations.

You will be given two case studies from two different companies to put your master's course knowledge to the test.

Previous years' experiences 

The Practical Challenge:
Create a Market analysis of organic fertilizers in Africa, by areas: players/competitors, market size and trends, market differentiation and positioning.

Prospettive di lavoro

The master is particularly suitable for those who want to pursue a career in the following roles: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Strategic Directo Financial Manager Sales Manager HR Manager Business Consultant Marketing Manager Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Entrepreneur Consultant Business Operations Manager The salary of out students after the completion of our MBA increased by an average of 17%

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International MBA
Rome Business School
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