Intellectual Property and Management of Research (long seminar)


1. A short introduction to the funding schemes of Horizon 2020 1.1 Support of frontier research by the European Research Council: Starting and Advanced Grants, Proof of Concept, Synergy Grant 1.2 Support of future and emerging technology: FET flagships initiatives 1.3 Training and career perspectives of researchers: Marie Curie actions 2. Other funding opportunities in EU and USA: the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst for Germany; Fulbright scholarships for USA; the Royal Society in UK; joint cooperation projects with France. 3. How to write a budget of a proposal. 4. How to manage your granted project. Some seminars by invited experts will be offered.
Campus e sedi: Scuola IMT - Istituzioni, Mercati, Tecnologie, Alti Studi
Scuola IMT - Istituzioni, Mercati, Tecnologie, Alti Studi
Piazza S. Ponziano, 6 55100 Lucca
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