Master in Sensorial Surface Design

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The Specializing Master in Sensorial Surface Design focuses on the design of the perceptive and technical aspects of surfaces as a privileged "place" for experiential interactions, research, experimentation and anticipation of aesthetic and socio-cultural trends. Starting from the functional and sensory qualities of surfaces, the Master's course focuses on the design of the emotional identity of furniture products and interiors.

The specialised skills offered by the Specializing Master cover both the theoretical, technical and practical aspects linked to colour, materials and finishes and the intangible aspects linked to the sensorial experience and perception of value.


Didactic Plan
The Specializing Master is based on a mix of theoretical lectures, testimonials and in-depth technical studies, correlated with practical activities and workshops that will be held in blended mode (online and in-presence).

At the end of the course, project works lasting a total of 105 hours in presence are carried out in small teams.

Types of activities

Introductory and specialised lectures by a highly qualified faculty made up of Politecnico di Milano professors, professionals and sector experts from the business world.
Testimonials and technical insights from designers and companies.
Practical activities and workshops to acquire project and management skills.
Project works carried out in small teams starting from project briefs with the support of companies, professionals and sector experts.
Students will have to choose between the 400-hour professional project or the 400-hour internship in companies and professional studios, with the aim of testing and expanding the skills acquired during the Master's course in the world of work.
All the activities are conducted in English.


The master's degree is divided into 7 teaching modules.

Modules 1 to 6 are delivered in blended mode (online and face-to-face): 2 full-time days per week (14 synchronous hours). Module 7 on Project works is delivered in face-to-face mode: 5 days a week full time (for a total of 105 hours).

1. Module: Basics

1.1. Design Culture
Introduction to Italian Design | Primary Design | Basic Design | CMF Design

1.2. Color Design
Colour: experiences and meanings | Color harmony | Color preferences | Color management and communication | Color palette

1.3. Material and Finishing Design
Materials and finishes, technical and emotional aspects

1.4. CMF Design
Qualistica | Soft qualities | CMF Design

2. Module: Trend research and forecasting

2.1. Perceptual and social aspects
Visual and sensory perception | Social and cultural context | Social forecasting | Visual and sensory perception | Social context and cultural context | Social forecasting | Social forecasting

2.2. Moodboard Design
Material boards and colour boards | Graphic techniques and software design

2.3. Colour Trend
Fashion and historical trend | Micro and macro trends

2.4. Trend Research and Strategy
Trend research tools and methodologies | Trend report

3. Module: Experience and Strategic Design

3.1. User experience
Research and practices | Methods and tools for experience evaluation

3.2. The strategic approach to innovation
Storytelling and Marketing | Design, branding and innovation

4. Module: Surface Design

4.1. Combining the technical and aesthetic, functional and emotional aspects of surfaces
Functional and emotional attributes | Perceived values and qualities | Re-design

4.2. Workshop

5. Module: Sensorial and Emotional Design

5.1. Designing the sensorial and emotional aspects of surfaces, furniture and interiors
Emotional characters | Soft qualities

5.2. Workshop

6. Module: Furniture Design

6.1. Product design and engineering
Production technologies | Innovations in aesthetics and use

6.2. Workshop

7. Project works
Delivered in presence (5 days per week full time for a total of 105 hours)

7.1. Project work: Surfaces

7.2. Project work: Furniture product

7.3. Project work: Interiors

Internship or professional training project: 400 hours.



Candidates are admitted to the Specializing Master if they have a degree or Master's degree in design, engineering or architecture. For the purposes of admission, the profile of candidates not belonging to the above categories may be evaluated by the management. For foreign candidates, equivalent qualifications in the respective study systems will be considered valid.


Training objectives
The training objectives of the Specializing Master are:

skills in designing the perceptual and technical aspects of surfaces;
design skills and management of the perceptual, sensory and emotional implications of furniture and interior design products;
specialist skills in CMF design;
ability to analyse trends and transformations in order to respond to the new needs of production sectors and markets.

Titolo ottenuto

Titolo di Master Universitario di I livello del Politecnico di Milano, con una percentuale di presenze al corso superiore al 75%. Il Master rilascia 60 CFU, equivalenti a 60 ECTS.

Luogo in cui si tiene il corso

a Milano


Durata 10 ott. 2022 - 10 dic. 2023
Master in Sensorial Surface Design
Campus e sedi:
Via Don Giovanni Verità, 25 20158 Milano
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