Master in User Experience Psychology (UxP). A Joint Initiative With Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

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A joint initiative of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and Politecnico of Milano –, the Specializing Master aims at forming professionals able to create and assess digital experiences across a range of platforms and in a wide spectrum of industrial domains, drawing on cutting-edge research and leading international experts in the field.

The Master is designed to be done by students with part-time jobs and other life commitments. The program takes place 3 days a week (9am – 5pm), including an extra-day for individual work or recovery class. Minimum attendance is 75%.

Didactic Plan
The Specializing Master's program features more than 500 hours of in-class training, integrated by hands-on exercises, laboratory activities, field experiences, project-based work, team collaboration and attendance to seminars – such as the UX Talks – given by internationally renowned experts. Master's methodology is essentially practical and based on the "learning by doing" approach. At the end of the in-class training, you will enjoy the opportunity to put your knowledge and skills into practice, by participating in an internship in one of the qualified partner companies.

The program is structured in three core modules, which provide participants with professional skills required for designing, developing and evaluating experiences with digital products and services.

User experience research: principles, methods and techniques for understanding and modelling users' needs

UX basics
Principles of user experience design
Methods and tools of user research: planning and execution of interviews, ethnographic research, shadowing techniques, creating a personas, storyboard and customer journey map
User experience practices: theoretical and practical design skills

Principles of humancentered design, usability heuristics, interaction design basics
Design tools: Agile methodologies (user story, use case, sitemapping, user flow, wireframing, prototyping, handoff)
User experience evaluation

Qualitative and quantitative assessment methods
Planning and executing a research protocol
Design evaluation: techniques and tools (usability testing, A/B test, remote monitoring)
The course is designed to be done by students with part-time jobs and other life commitments.

The program takes place 3 days a week, minimum mandatory attendance is 75%.



Training objectives
The Specializing Master aims at helping participants pursue successful careers in UX, by identifying project works and field experiences that are best suited to their skillset and professional attitudes.
The goal of the training is to form professionals who are able to combine high-level competences in design (research, prototyping, conceptual development and evaluation) and the psychological ability of understanding user's needs and expectations.
The course puts a strong emphasis on the acquisition of practical skills and is informed by state-of-the art developments in UX and user-centered design.

Titolo ottenuto

At the end of the Specializing Master, the joint University Master's Diploma issued by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and Politecnico di Milano will be issued.

Prospettive di lavoro

Employment Opportunities The course is intended for students with different backgrounds, who share the interest and passion towards delivering excellent user experiences. Job titles include: User Experience Designer UX Researcher Interaction Designer UX specialist Product designer Usability analyst


Director Prof. Andrea Gaggioli (Università Cattolica) Prof. Venanzio Arquilla (Politecnico di Milano) Executive Board Prof. Andrea Gaggioli, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Direttore Scientifico Prof. Venanzio Arquilla, Politecnico di Milano, Direttore Scientifico Prof. Carlo Galimberti, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Prof. Giuseppe Riva, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Prof. Davide Genco, Politecnico di Milano
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Via Durando 38/a 20158 Milano
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