Corso di Perfezionamento in Project and Contract Management in Construction Works

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Politecnico di Milano - Scuola Master Fratelli Pesenti
Corso di Perfezionamento in Project and Contract Management in Construction Works
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15 crediti
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The goal of this specializing course is to let engineers and architects become project managers in construction works who specialize in the management of contracts. The students will get all the information required to successfully pass the PMI (Project Management Institute) exams and to achieve their certificates. They will be acquainted with the main types of contracts (FIDIC, JCT, NEC), and they will see the main differences between the FIDIC books (Red, Pink, Yellow, and Silver). They will also be introduced to the basic principles and tools of claim management and delay analysis.
The job opportunities opened by the skills acquired following the lessons of this specializing course are varied and plentiful: construction firms, engineering companies, real-estate developers, general contractors, government agencies, etc., all of them need and look for project managers who know how to deal and effectively manage contracts, claims, and delays.
For italian students and professionals only:
RICONOSCIMENTO CFP Corsi di Perfezionamento per gli ARCHITETTI
A fine corso di perfezionamento ciascun partecipante dovrà caricare, mediante autocertificazione sulla Piattaforma im@teria, il programma dell'evento formativo e l'attestato di conseguimento del corso.
A seguito di verifica da parte dell'Ordine verranno convalidati i cfp agli Architetti della Provincia di Milano.
RICONOSCIMENTO CFP Corsi di Perfezionamento per gli INGEGNERI
APPRENDIMENTO FORMALE: FREQUENZA DI CORSI UNIVERSITARI CON ESAME FINALE: Per frequenza a corsi di qualunque tipologia organizzati da una singola Università saranno riconosciuti i CFP nella misura seguente, a condizione che il corso preveda un esame finale; l'attribuzione dei CFP è condizionata al superamento dell'esame finale. 1 CFP = 1 CFU con massimo 10 CFP per esame; Il numero di CFP di cui sopra, non può superare il numero di 15 per anno.
Ogni ingegnere che ha frequentato un corso di perfezionamento e che ha superato l'esame finale deve rivolgersi al proprio Ordine di appartenenza per tramutare i CFU conseguiti in CFP.


Project Management Institute (PMI) certifications (CAPM® e PMP®)
This unit is intended to provide to the students all the information required to obtain the prestigious project management certifications of the PMI (Project Management Institute), delving deeply into the methods and techniques described in the PMBOK Guide. It is a comprehensive course on project management for those who want to specialize in the subject matter and become proficient in dealing with evaluating, program scheduling, budgeting, and cost controlling.

Contracts by international standards (FIDIC, JCT, NEC, AAA)
A quick introduction to the use of the forms and the main difficulties deriving from using them in a Civil Law or in a Common Law jurisdiction. The students will learn:
FIDIC Contracts:
- What is FIDIC?
- History of FIDIC Conditions
- The main FIDIC standard forms
- Common structure
- Salient features of Red and Pink Books
- Key Differences- Yellow and Silver Books
- 2017 Second Editions
- Some difficulties of use in common law and civil law jurisdictions
JCT Contracts:
- JCT 2016
- History of the contract form
- Background and related contracts
- Why JCT
- Spread of the JCT form and use of it in the UK and internationally
NEC Contracts:
- Introduction to NEC
- Main Forms (A to E) and Professional Services Contract (A, C & E)
- Core Conditions
- Secondary Options
- X and Y provisions
- Contract Data

Introduction to Contract Management for FIDIC contracts (Red, Pink, Yellow, and Silver)
This Course will describe in detail all aspects of the FIDIC Contracts which are relevant for contract management. It will be a "hands-on approach" on real cases with professional of international experience. During this course certain aspects of risk management will be illustrated.
The students will learn:
- Generalities for all FIDIC models of conditions of contract.
- Focus on FIDIC model contracts: the Rainbow suite, 1999 & 2017 editions, contract conditions, choice of the model.
- Procurement rules, tender preparation, pre-qualification, post-qualification.
- The parties and the engineer, roles and responsabilities.
- FIDIC clauses 1, 2, 3: definitions, the employer, the engineer.
- FIDIC clause 4: the contractor.
- FIDIC clause 5: Red Book vs. Yellow and Silver Book.
- FIDIC clause 6: staff and labour.
- FIDIC clause 7: plant material and workmanship.
- FIDIC clause 8: commencement, delays, and suspensions. The programme.
- FIDIC clause 10: employer's taking over.
- FIDIC clause 11: defects liability.

Introduction to Claim Management for FIDIC contracts (Red, Pink, Yellow, and Silver)
This unit will describe in detail all the aspects of FIDIC contracts which are relevant for claim management. It will be a "hands-on approach" with real cases shown and commented by professional of international experience.
The students will learn:
- Procurement considerations
- Contract selection and risk allocation
- Engineer duties in relation to claims FIDIC 1999 & FIDIC 2017
- Notices in relation to claims FIDIC 1999 & FIDIC 2017
- Time bar in relation to claims FIDIC 1999 & FIDIC 2017
- Provisions in Clauses 1 (General) and 2 (The Emplyer) that are frequently involved in claims
- Contentious issues in relation to Engineer's instructions and determinations
- Provisions in Clause 4 (The Contractor) that are frequently involved in claims
- Commencement and Time for Completion – Sub-Clauses 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3
- Rates of Progress and Delay Damages - Sub-Clauses 8.6 and 8.7
- Employer's Taking Over the Works - Clauses 9, 10, 11, and 12 (DB and EPC), Variations: Clause 13
- The payment mechanism under FIDIC contracts and its management, rights and obligations of the parties under Clause 14
- Employer's Termination of the Contract – Generalities on Clause 15
- Suspension and Termination by Contractor – Generalities on Clause 16
- Generalities on Clauses 17 (Risk and responsibilities) and 18 (Insurance)
- Force Majeure – Generalities on Clause 19
- Claim Disputes and Arbitration, Fidic MDB clause 20, Fidic 2017 Clauses 20 & 21
- Dispute Boards, History, Three Party Agreement, DAB General Conditions
- DAB Procedural Rules, DAB additional Procedures

Introduction to Delay Analysis
This unit will take the students through the complex matter of delay analysis in international projects, the various methodologies and the forensic use of delay analysis.
The students will learn:
- Types of excusable delay
- Types of non-excusable delay
- Productivity
- Float ownership
- Importance of the baselines and updates
- Non-CPM schedules, including: Just in Time, Lean Construction, LoB and Gantt
- General FSA concepts, adjudicator perspective
- Planning and scheduling basics
- General FSA concepts, practice in Italy
- FSA methods overview: basic considerations in all FSA methods
- As-Planned vs As-Built: how does it work
- CPA: how does it work
- TIA: how does it work
- CAB: how does it work
- Concurrent Delay and Special Issues
- Why different methods yield different results


Crediti CFU: 15


Inizio: Luglio 2024.
Corso di Perfezionamento in Project and Contract Management in Construction Works
Politecnico di Milano - Scuola Master Fratelli Pesenti
Campus e sedi: Politecnico di Milano - Scuola Master Fratelli Pesenti
Politecnico di Milano - Scuola Master Fratelli Pesenti
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 20133 Milano
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