Master in Visual Design and Communiction

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620 ore
21000 €


Ten amazing months, with internationally renowned lecturers and agencies. Once in a life time opportunity to learn directly from the protagonists and broaden your perspective in the digital world and communication. The Master course starts in November 2021 with 20 selected and international students in the classroom. It lasts ten months and is taught entirely in English.
Learning directly from professionals is the best way to pick up the most advanced visions and methods at source. Unlike conventional Master courses, the Raffles Milano Masters bring to the classroom knowledge in action thanks to top market top notch visual designers who alternate in the classroom during the ten months.

If the world is a geography of communicating vessels, what tools do we need to make sure messages don't get lost along the way? Visual design is the discipline of those who design large flows of information and content. With every sign, a reaction follows. With each step, an exchange follows. The important thing is that they are constructive, fair and interesting.

Opportunità professionali:

Visual designers find employment in areas where firms have to relate to the public, such as in editorial offices, production companies and start-ups. And also, of course, in the design and communication industry, as freelancers or in the galaxy of local and international graphic design, branding, advertising, digital and service design offices and agencies. From an ATM user interface to television title credits, from biscuit packages to speeding fines, from the newspapers we read to the events we attend,  to the socks we wear, the whole world is a huge mine of opportunities for design.

In cosa si distingue questo corso dagli altri:

An innovative, practice-based approach with top industry professionals
- Ten extraordinary months with world-class faculty. A unique opportunity to learn directly from the protagonists. 
- A prestigious faculty
- An international environment
- Taught entirely in English language
- Student-centered experience (a course leader and a dedicated contact person)
- Your second home (we are open from 8.30am to 10pm and also on Saturdays)
- Launchpad/Career Service (support for your professional career)
- only 20 selected students per class
- Mentorship & Coaching

Altri dettagli

1. Deadline for applications with a scholarship: August 15

2. At the end of each academic year, Raffles Milano rewards the best talent of every course and every year. The award is given to the student who has distinguished him- or herself in terms of his/her academic career and portfolio, according to the assessment both of an internal committee of teachers and of an external committee of professionals who are invited to assess the portfolio (the student's anonymity is protected).


Working and thinking together: the students develop – while designing – their skills in composition, drawing and the use of typography and of photography, as well as the foundations of data display and of prototyping as technical and artistic bases for giving shape to ideas. At the same time, students experiment with different approaches to research, to understanding the issue of design and its bonds, and to generating ideas that have real impact. The projects cover a variety of areas of image and cultural, commercial and editorial communication, creating products for physical and digital applications.

-    Research
-    Art direction
-    Branding
-    Publishing
-    Typography and icons
-    Data display
-    Wayfinding and signage
-    Digital and user interface design
-    Concept generation.
-    Integrated graphic/communication design


This course is for designers who hold a first-level degree and/or have accumulated some professional experience in areas concerned with graphic design, image, communication, product and publishing, as well as everyone in general who thinks that communication is a viable career choice and a strong aid to individual growth. This is a Master course for those who believe that details make all the difference and are convinced that communication and experience are forged on an emotional, creative and artistic level as much as in terms of strategy.


10 months.

Titolo ottenuto

Certificate of attendance of Master Course





21000 €
Prezzo* (più eventuale promozione) EU-EFTA CITIZENS Enrollment Fee: 3.000     Tuition Fee: 18.000     EXTRA EU-EFTA  Enrollment Fee: 3.000 Tuition Fee: 23.000

Luogo in cui si tiene il corso

a Milano
Master in Visual Design and Communiction
Raffles Milano - Istituto Moda e Design
Campus e sedi: Raffles Milano - Istituto Moda e Design
Raffles Milano - Istituto Moda e Design
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