Digital illustration-summer course



The short summer course is an intensive course of the digital illustration process. The course is an introduction to digital illustration theory and its application. This short summer course is designed to provide graphic design students with skills necessary to complete professional assignments that include illustrated elements, and to inspire them to develop their creative potential in this field. The course is also perfect for those who are currently studying marketing or advertising who wish to expand into visual arts. At the end of the course, each student will have acquired the ability to work in various styles of illustration, both realistic and stylized.



The entire course is held in the English language. During this course students will learn various basic techniques of digital illustration with the aid of Adobe CS5 software. The lessons and presentations encourage students to explore different styles while working to develop their personal vision.

We also combine the digital illustration with Italian language for 3hrs per week – a chance to build confidence and understanding of one of the most beautiful languages in the world. A development of knowledge of the language can help you to enjoy the culture and customs of Florence and Italy even more.


The short course is held for 4 weeks each summer during the month of June only. For the exact dates see our academic calendar.
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Digital illustration-summer course
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